2021/10/04 Devastating malfunction of some NprtNet Services.

 On the evening of October 4, 2021 together with the Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp they refused the NprtNet Services includes "anport.irca" Iris Duty, main website and local network since the servers completely lost contact with the outside world, so at first there was just a DNS_Probe_finished_nxdomain error, and then, around 9 a.m. on October 5, 2021, this page from the hoster began to be displayed with an error that allegedly such a page does not exist.

 however, in the afternoon at 11:50 Khabarovsk time, the work of the services was restored by transferring the servers to a another communication line, but later, on 11 p.m. caused problems with access to email from anport begin, at the same time, you can access the mail through the interface of our partners mail ru and rambler, but the official web interface of mail from NprtNet is still unavailable.

Also at the same time, data was received on a widespread failure in the Sberbank online application.

At about 23:54, the local network was temporarily transferred to the APN of our partner "home.beeline.ru", but unfortunately, some still have problems connecting via VPN as the devices report a violation of the certificate chain.

The receipt of new information on this global problem will be described here, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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