The social network "VKontakte" has decided to block furry communities.

 On the eve of the evening of August 27, 2021, it became known about a wave of blocking furry communities on the Vkontakte social network, it is also noted that the management of the social network also blocks the creators ' pages, equating the content to sexual. This was reported to us by Elly Star, a furry artist who is a member of our team.

At the same time, the agents of the social network VKontakte say that those who just draw are not in danger of being blocked, but in fact everything is much more complicated, and in such a situation some of our projects are also at risk - for example, the same fox community "Daddy's Family", which can get blocked in a social network.

Here's how the agents of the social network comment on this :

However, no paragraph of the rules of the social network, and no laws prohibiting the activities of furry communities on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as the Republic of Kazakhstan, where NprtNet is located, was found. What is this-the arbitrariness of the project or, after all, some dubious bill-this, unfortunately, is not specified.

Now, at the moment, our executive commission has asked for explanations to the agents of the social network and the information will be updated as information becomes available.

UPD : After our question to the support service agent, he told us that fluffy content without direct sexualization of characters is not prohibited on the territory of the vkontakte social network, but they ask to store all fluffy content 18+ in closed thematic communities, but is this really so?
Soon we will conduct our own experiment in which we will find out.
In the meantime, a screenshot of our correspondence with the support agent :

2021/08/14 - Site Updated, some elements fixed.

 Today, 14th of August 2021 site has been updated. The icons on the contact page were repaired, before that only empty squares were displayed.

The partner block has been restored, which is now displayed on the right side of the site, and will be filled up as necessary.

A secret page with cities has been added so far, but it will be shown in the menu at the next update, since it has not yet been finalized, the community page has also not been completely finalized, but it will also be ready soon.

Anport Duty Service has moved!

 Today, on 9 august 2021 year Anport Irca Service has been renamed to "Anport Duty" and moved to new subdomain name Now, at the moment service will work at temporary free VDS Server and after build the new server, it will move to it.

At the moment Service will work at 5 hours, after installing and configuring the signal receiver.

Anport E-mail Service is temporary unavailable.

Due to scheduled maintenance work, the work of the AnportMail email service will be suspended until 12 o'clock Khabarovsk time, during the work on the server, the firewall will be completely replaced, the software will be updated, and a set of measures will be taken to eliminate errors in the software, since during use it turned out that emails do not reach a number of services, in particular, protonmail, and also on Yandex Mail.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Happy Birthday, Svetik!

Happy Birthday, Svetik! On behalf of the entire holding, we wish you all the best - always a clear sky over your head, good health, happiness and that your wishes are always fulfilled. Let inspiration come, Give joy, mood, And the opportunity to create, Rejoice and love. Do not meet bad weather on the way, Let only laughter and happiness reign! 

Your Tiorin and NprtNet.